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Testimonials: Testimonials

I had spent years worrying about how to make new friends being very shy and reserved. A friend suggested I talk to someone that didn't know me as I may listen more ! Oh they were right Christine helped me understand my anxieties and encouraged me . I'm now more confident and feel able to join groups and have met more people. 

Thank you


Thanks for my amazing Reiki Treatment.

I had never had one before and to be honest was sceptical  but now will be telling everyone !


Just a quick thank you for all your help with my teenage son . It has helped us both understand each other a little better and he seems to have built up his confidence and understand himself, he even managed to get a job which has completely changed his life it has made everyone happier.


Such a relaxed environment & having someone so easy to talk to was just was needed.The Reiki session was very helpful too & I will be having more treatments in the future xx


Thank you so much for helping with monster after his operation . He was much calmer and seemed to heal very quickly and get back to himself after his accident .
I am recommending  to all of my friends .


I am glad I met Chrissy at Life Bee. She is kind, understanding and great to talk to whether this be help with life problems or needing to take some time to heal yourself in this busy world we live in. Life Bee offers services which can help you become a better you. I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for individual help that is tailored just to you.


Christine from life bee is absolutely amazing lady, I have had 4 reiki sessions now and each time I have felt I have achieved loads, my anxiety has halved since seeing Christine, she totally understands and always has the answer and makes you feel at total ease. 
I would recommend to anyone to book a session with Christine, you won't be disappointed 10/10 service.


Lovely relaxing experience, definitely recommend


Christine is brilliant. Warm, compassionate and knowledgeable, I’d highly recommend her.


Such a relaxed environment & having someone so easy to talk to was just what was needed. The reiki session was very helpful too & I will be having more treatments in the future xx


I never thought that Reiki would work on animals ! But boy how wrong was I. My cat had a major operation and was so scared and not healing well , Christine came out to my home and even after 1 session noticed a difference in how calmer and  less stressed poor cuddles was. Thoroughly recommend.


It was very difficult for me to pick up the phone and make an appointment to talk about my anxiety , in fact it took a few reassuring calls until I met up with Christine . I need not have worried she is calm , listens and does not judge . I am now feeling more positive and now have started to believe in myself again. 
Thank you Christine.


Thank you for talk , I found it very interesting and was far more to it than I thought and cannot wait for my 1st treatment


To be honest was a bit sceptical about Reiki but thought I would give it a go !
Now on my 4th session and cannot believe how wonderful I have began to feel , like someone has given me a real energy boost.
Recommending to my friends


My Reiki experience with Christine was the most powerful one I have ever had. I love the way Christine works, and the way she makes you feel safe and warm. I have had a few sessions with Christine now and will 150% be continuing Reiki with her. I would highly recommend 🥰


I am so glad I continued my Reiki during lockdown and was very pleased with the complete change of room and working to make sure I was safe. It has certainly helped me as my anxiety was through the roof with the extra worries around me.
Thank you Christine cannot recommend enough x


Just a quick email  for you to add to your site.
I cannot thank you enough for helping me get back to work after lockdown. I was so worried about going back after year and a half off called in sick a few times !
My friend had seen your post and encouraged me to call and chat. You made me feel at ease on the phone but when I met you my entire worries just came out so easily and you never judged me . Thanks to your patience and help I am now back and enjoying work and life again.
Will contact you next week to try Reiki !


I wasn’t very experienced when I first started the meditation course , it was really easy and I feel more confident going it.


Thank you so much for guiding me through a very difficult time in my life .
You really helped put things in prospective and make up my mind on what I really needed to do without any judgement.
My life has been enriched by this experience and I look forward to 2023 with excitement !


So glad my friend recommended you for Reiki .
Last year I was having Reiki treatment locally but felt was not doing anything at all and a waste of time , my friend was full of how her treatments with you had helped and maybe just try one and see. 
I cannot believe how I felt after one session but I should have known once I met you so very different my my previous treatments. Have been signing your praises . 
ps Love the therapy room very calming.


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