Sessions and Therapy Combinations

Life/Wellbeing  Coaching Session

Life/Wellbeing coaching is adapted to suit the individuals needs.
I offer a free 30 minute NO OBLIGATION consultation. This will enable you to ask any questions you may have  and fully understand the commitment required to meet your goals. 
Life/Wellbeing coaching is not a replacement for professional counselling and if at anytime I feel that a professional counsellor is required  I will advise accordingly

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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing can enhance your personal  journey and help balance energies and give inner peace. Reiki can also restore hormonal balance to assist during the menopause. All can be added to your coaching sessions  . For this you will need to allocate more time or you may choose to rebook for another day .

Animal Reiki Healing/Flower Essences

Just like human Reiki and Flower Essences can help balance your pets energies giving them inner peace and comfort. 
Ideal to work alongside veterinary care especially after operations and trauma.
Also helps pets feel relaxed around new surroundings or cope with the loss of their master/mistress.
Give comfort and inner peace as nearing end of life.

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Flower Essence Therapy

The essences natural healing powers can help with any emotional imbalances ,  settle the mind and bring a sense of calm. Assists you through the menopause by tackling mood swings and other imbalances 

Flower Essence Therapy can be added to your coaching package at a reduced cost.



Ever wondered how do people meditate ?

I can't do it !

Well we all have to start somewhere and need help to learn and it really is not as easy as you think . A lot of people give up trying.

So I offer individual coaching or group pay as you go sessions.

My group sessions will be in my events section ,but you can put your name down on my wait list by clicking the Book button.


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