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Frequently asked Questions

What happens in each Life/Well being coach session ?

Each session will be a face to face consultation. Where you may wish to discover why you are feeling how you are, discuss your goals, find and understand your inner self , emotions, how to make new friends, for example.

There may be many issues to deal with or just a confidence boost , reassurance, it really is controlled by your need at your pace.

Actions are discussed and agreed during each session and you choose the action points you will complete by the next session. This is an important part of your

growth and achieving YOUR goals

How will I remember what action we agreed ?

After each session I will email you on actions we have discussed and your

commitment to complete.

This is a vital part of your coaching path.

How Long is each session ?

Each session is 60 minutes except if

an additional therapy has been requested.

Can I book longer sessions ?

Longer coaching sessions are not

advisable as you need to be able to talk things through and emotions will surface that can leave you feeling a little drained and tired, However adding Reiki or Flower Essence treatment is ok.

How many sessions will I need ?

This can vary greatly depending on your needs and commitment to complete actions set by our discussions , but suggest at least 6.

Why Face To Face ?

Some Life coaches offer telephone consultations however I have found that a better result comes out of actually meeting you and you meeting me you can then decide

if I am the right coach to guide you. It also allows you  to come to a

safe , comfortable place where you can

talk freely away from any pressures,

distractions away from an environment that may be causing some of the issues.

How do Flower Essences work ?

Flower essences don’t work on conditions in the conventional ‘medical’ sense.  They are designed

to work holistically. This means that I go behind the presenting symptoms - the hay fever, the backache, the depression - to uncover the emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance that is the cause or major contributing factor of the physical condition. Flower essences work to restore these imbalances, and in doing so they can repair trauma, change obsolete behaviour

patterns, balance energy and moods on all levels, and connect us to our intuitive wisdom, our inner resources, and the energies of the natural world.

Through consultation, I help clients

uncover and understand their underlying issues, to select an individual flower essence or a combination of essences which can be most helpful in treating those issues, and, if necessary, to plan a course of treatment which the client can use to help .

Some people notice a subtle change in their reactions to issues in their lives; some notice emotional or other blocks dissolving, and others feel an immediate shift in their energy. Everbody is different

Can this be used on animals ? 

Yes it is very good for calming them down before going to the vets, moving house, settling in with new people, depression etc just like humans.

How does Reiki healing work ?

By channeling positive energy in and around your body , by the placing of hands on or near recipient , it can also be done via distant healing .

Can it be used on animals ?

Yes ,please read my pet Reiki section.

Is it easy to learn meditation ?

Everybody has different levels of abilities so some find it easier than others. 

Can anybody learn meditation ? 

Yes but just takes patients and lots of regular practice !

Am I able to call up 1st to see if you can help me ?

Yes I offer a free 30 minute consultation just for that reason because any treatments, help works best if you get on with the person doing it and also I need to connect with that person as well.

FAQ'S: Welcome
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