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Hi, Thank you for looking at my site.

Let me introduce myself I'm Christine and owner of Life Bee.

So let me tell you about my journey !

Having experienced many trials and tribulations, both financially and emotionally in my life, I realised just how difficult I would have found life without the help and guidance of friends and family raising 2 children from an early age as a divorced single parent whilst holding down a very demanding job as a Sales Manager, working very long hours as well as studying 

Reiki, Animal healing , Flower essence therapies 

attending in my spare time !

For 25 years part of my job involved coaching others of all ages it 

was one of the most challenging yet enjoyable seeing people flourish and grow. 

It was very rewarding both for myself and those that had put every effort in to achieve their goals.

Having moved to the coast and allowed myself more me time , I realised I could in-fact encourage and help others where confidence had be knocked or just a better understanding of themselves.

So I gave up my demanding job took on a new career part time in a busy Doctors surgery and started my own therapy centre offering Life/Wellbeing Coaching alongside a selection of complementary therapies.

The idea was to help others going through similar difficult times having someone they could just talk to !

Or for those wishing to simply change direction.

I have now incorporated therapies for pets .(please click animal therapies button for more information)

I have learnt to coach/help my clients in a way that utilises both their heads and their hearts and at a pace that suits them together we decide the therapies that  will enhance their journey.

Lots of people find it difficult to seek help or recognise where they may be going wrong or just do not have the

confidence, know how or guidance to take that leap of faith ! To Bee themselves yet achieve their goals

Some clients just want to feel more relaxed and in tune with themselves . 

It really is up to you or if you have no idea what you need but just don't feel right I can help.

All of my own life experiences and working as a Samaritan volunteer has allowed me better understanding of people from all walks of life and the many situations we can find ourselves suddenly facing.

 I am able to listen with empathy and together find a solution that fits around you abilities.

All human therapies are in my quiet , safe

confidential treatment room away from your home so there are no distractions and you can talk openly and honestly about how you feel.

I am fully DBS Enhanced checked.

If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to Book a consultation, please get in touch today either by telephone or email .

However there is a FAQ'S Section which may answer your query

About Me: About Me
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