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Flower essences work to repair imbalances caused by trauma, emotions, anxiety and past life experiences.

They are made from pristine garden blossoms/wild flowers that have been made in natures laboratory where the elements of earth, water, air and sun have allowed the flowers to become potentized.

This process creates an energetic imprint of etheric energy pattern of the flower within the fresh spring water, embodying the healing archetype of the flower.

This "mother essence" is then preserved in small amount of brandy and then diluted further to produce "stock" which I can then use possibly mixed with others in spring water for your personal remedy.

Take 4 drops 4 times a day and be amazed at how different  you feel . Your emotions are like an onion ! As we begin to un-peel  each layer with different combinations of essences your whole being will change and bee come you again.

Read more in FAQS , email or call 01493 393980 

Flower Essences: Welcome
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