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Benefits of Reiki Healing 

Aligns your Chakras

Promotes health & wellbeing

Helps pain management


Encourages mental clarity

Improves mediative state

Releases muscle stress & tension

Relieves anxiety & depression

Aids relaxation

Strengthens immune system & aids digestion

Improves sleep & balances energy

Strengthens natural healing process

Clears toxins

Promotes a peaceful and positive outlook

Works with your medication NOT a replacement.

Allows you time to bee you !

What is it ? 

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual system used for self-healing and healing others.

Reiki means "Universal Life Force Energy" which is present around all living things.

Translated "Rei" means Universal   

 "Ki" means Life Force Energy.

The Treatment

The Reiki  can be done whilst you are sitting on a chair or lying on a Couch whatever is comfortable for you so you can relax and enjoy and at all times you remain fully clothed .

To connect I gently place my hands non-intrusively on you or if you prefer near you , talk you through a quite meditation aiding you to relax and allow the energy to flow and work through re-aligning your Chakras , cleansing and clearing as it works around your body.

How does it feel ?

During this time you may feel

warmth/cold or mild tingling sensations others feel nothing except peace and calm.

Some see colours , it is individual to each client.

Everybody / animals have different needs and imbalances so more than 1 session may be required.

Reiki treats the whole person /animal and IS NOT a replacement for the treatment of any medical conditions. 


It is also advisable not to have if planning or are under 16 weeks of pregnancy, having Chemotherapy, anyone that has a pacemaker and if Diabetic must check their

Insulin level after treatment.

If not sure or on any other medication or receiving treatments please mention before a Session .

Always check with your doctor / vet if unsure.

Reiki: Welcome
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