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Life Bee

 Life & Well Being Coach 

 Reiki Healing

 Animal Healing


 Flower Essence Therapy  

All of theses treatments complement each other for your well being to enable you to Bee the best you can Bee. 

Sessions are available individually or can be combined whatever suits your needs.

 I am patient , very understanding, sympathetic and adaptable offering individually structured sessions in a safe confidential environment. 

Animal Healing is offered at your pets home to allow your pet to feel at ease. 

As a life and well being coach together we will Bee able to discover how to live your best life.

By having open and honest conversations we can deal with every day problems such as  Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, or simply help build your Confidence, learning how to unlock your

potential and nurture your general well being.

Thus giving a more harmonised and balanced life allowing the inner you to flourish.

Not sure how I CAN HELP ?

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Bee Who You Can Bee Its Your Life !


       Why you might benefit from a                                life/well being Coach


                                  There are many reasons why you may benefit from having your own life coach . 

                                  Here are some examples:

                                  Having negative thoughts.

                                  Feeling people are negative towards you.

                                  Worried how others see you.

                                  Always questioning what you are thinking.

                                  Low self esteem.

                                  Lack of motivation





                                  Emotional Issues

                                  Being Accepted

                                  Growing Up

                                  Coping with being a new or single parent

                                  Balancing work and home.

                                  Mid Life Crisis


                  These are a sample of feelings you maybe having and finding difficult coping with

                  but together we can overcome them. 

                  This however does need you to be 100% honest with yourself that YOU want to change.               


Make a Difference Bee the best you can Bee


Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

Bee the best person you can Bee.

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Teenage Years  Life Coaching

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Life throws many surprises at us , so don't hide away , Bee strong !

As a young adult all can seem a very daunting prospect  and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations.

Dealing with friendships and knowing boundaries can seem very easy to some but many of us find it challenging and is perfectly normal to worry about how others see us or rather what you think they see !

So this is additional to my list of why you may need a life coach .

You may like to talk things through with someone other than your family or friends to get a fresh look at how your life is or could be.

With my coaching sessions together we will talk through your concerns at your own pace in a safe confidential environment.

Having been a single parent myself and having 2 teenagers to guide through this difficult time in their life , I understand their thoughts and how mine were very different !

You may be a parent reading this who have concerns of how to help your teenager through this stage in their life and I can adapt sessions to coach you both initially and allow you better understanding of each other we can together then decide when to coach separately enabling your teenager to grow and flourish .